Kids, Get Self-Control! mp3

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Why Self-Control Training Is So Important

“How many times have I told you…” comes out of Mom’s mouth when she can’t believe her child did something again. Kids have self-control; they just don’t use it unless they want to. This presentation teaches parents of 5 and under how to begin getting self-control. It also gives parents of 5 and older 8 key areas parents need to train their kids in self-control character and suggestions on how to accomplish it. A child knows he is supposed to brush his teeth but doesn’t have the self-control to take the time to pull the brush out of the cup, put the tooth paste on it and brush his teeth, yet later that day he has the self-control to dribble a soccer ball with his foot with other teammates on the practice field which takes a lot of self-control. The same is true for their character!