Collection: Mom's Notes - MP3s

In this section you'll find the individual Mom's Notes Presentations on MP3. There are 44 presentations written and recorded by Joey and Carla Link. Each presentation is 60-90 minutes recorded with a live audience with a Q&A at the end. Topics range from Toddlers to Teens, from routines to sibling conflict, character training and how your marriage impacts your parenting. 

If you're just being introduced to the Mom's Notes, we highly recommend checking out the Collections we've put together for different age groups here.

A question we've been asked many times over the years is, "Are the Mom's Notes for Dads too?" The answer is "Yes!" The Mom's Notes started over 30 years ago when our kids were little. As we were traveling, ministering to parents, Carla would be invited to speak to a Mom's Group in the morning while the Dads were at work, before our meeting that evening. Thus the name Mom's Notes! We highly encourage both parents to listen to them either together or separately, then find time to talk about what stood out to you without the kids present.