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In the Mom’s Notes presentations, you will find ways to put biblical principles into practice as you train your kids to become children of God. Most parents who already have the presentations will tell you once you get started listening to them, you will not want to quit. Rather than purchase one or two at a time, the most economical way to get all 40 presentations is to get all 5 Volumes at one time. While that may seem like a lot of money to you upfront, you might find it interesting to know that we started writing the Mom’s Notes in 1997, and we have never raised the prices since that time. That’s a lot of years with no price increase! We just didn’t know there would be 40 presentations in all (writing 8 per year)! Testimony – “The Mom's Notes give me the ‘how-to’s’ to bring order in my home with my five children. Carla has a way of relating to moms and giving practical advice that can be immediately applied. I love the Mom's Notes and I listen to them over and over. My husband and I listen to them together so we are united in our parenting. The Mom's Notes cover so many topics, they give me confidence as a mom. I am forever grateful for the material as it serves as a solid foundation in our home and we see great fruit in our children.” - Detroit, MI